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             Ads have changed the way we all live today, you cant go anywhere without being influenced by an advertisement. The first thing you see when you look at this advertisement, is that it is another one of those ads that are against drugs. We have seen a lot of these lately. This one happens to be about huffing household products to get high. When you first see it your eye takes you to the picture that kind of looks like a nerve. Although you may not be able to figure out what it really is until you read the writing that is provided. When you look at the nerve it looks like it may be burnt or a dead nerve. It doesn't take much of an education to tell that this nerve is in bad shape. .
             When you look at the design of this advertisement, you bring a few things into mind. You see the nerve of course, but you have to take a closer look to tell that it is in the shape of a human body. Well maybe not a whole human body but it definitely has a few characteristics of it. I think that this is used to scare the reader about the obvious negative effects that drugs may have on the human body. Maybe it will make the reader think that if you use drugs you may kill yourself or hurt your nervous system in some way. They use a font that is very sloppy and looks terrible. This could also be used to scare the reader into thinking that drugs are bad for you and your nervous system. .
             This picture doesn't really have a foreground or a background. All it has is a picture of a black nerve on a white background. The picture of the dead nerve is placed high on the background so that the reader would see it just as soon as they turn the page. When you put the most important part of your advertisement on the top of the page I assume that the reader will see it first therefore getting them to look at the rest of the advertisement. On the bottom of the advertisement there is a smaller writing. Just above that smaller writing is larger writing that may entice the reader to look further in to what the ad has to say.

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