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IC Fabrication

             The cleanroom in the university is classified with Class 10000 to Class 1000000. The contain of particles percubic meter would be 10000 to 1000000. The particles size are approximately 0.1 micrometers.
             As the cleanroom is classified only with ISO Class 5 to 7, the level of contamination is controlled accordingly. Besides, for academic purposes, the more important matter to be considered is the core process of the fabrication of IC. The tools for cleanliness maintenance would be the basically the sticky floor mat to grab particulates from the shoes. And there is a pass-through door connecting to two rooms which has a interlocking features. Beside that, personnel are restricted to wear the contamination protection garment. There are air filter incorporated with the ceilings or walls inside the cleanroom.
             The cleanroom in the university consist of four rooms. They are the room for lithography, etching, IC testing and characterisation and the gowning room. The function of these rooms will be discussed in more detail when it come to the process of fabrication.
             Cleanroom in the Industry.
             In the industry, the cleanroom is classified mostly in ISO Class10 and some are ISO Class 1. Class 10 means that there are only 10 particles in a meter cubed. These particles are about size of 0.1 micrometer. This seems to be a very cleanroom but there are cleanroom with only 1 particle percubic meter. The air change in a Class 10 cleanroom would be 600 in an hour. The filter cover will be 100%. .
             There is equipment to maintain such cleanliness. There is the environment control room with precise temperature and humidity control. Besides, there are air shower and air shower tunnel. The air shower includes the chamber located between cleanroom and outside environment that remove particulate from the garment. This chamber may include the HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter. There is also an air nozzle that spray out filtered air into the contaminated garment of the personnel.

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