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Jane Eyre-an Extension Of Charlotte Bronte

            Jane Eyre as a child is scrawny and different from the other children. She possesses an unnatural ability to see through people, to make grown adults nervous in her presence, and to buck tradition and social bindings. A little girl, who grew up in a wealthy home with several siblings, she spent most if not all of her time by herself engrossed in literature. As an infant, she was loved and well cared for; as a child, she was shunned and turned away from the only family she knew; as an adult, she is set apart by others and easily made fun of. To Jane Eyre, complex social issues such as these are dealt with by a firm voice and a spirit made of stone. Jane Eyre is pushed away by society through means of dehumanization and because others consistently ostracize her, Jane Eyre needs to belong to something or someone more than she needs to breathe, eat or sleep.
             While reading this novel, I was able to look directly into the heart of Jane Eyre through the eyes of Charlotte Bronte. The author of Jane Eyre lived a very similar life to the heroine. There are so many similarities between Charlotte Bronte and Jane Eyre that one must conclude without a shadow of a doubt that they are the same people. Both fathers were reverends, both mothers died at an early age, both worked as governess, and both went to a school for girls. Both schools were closed down because of an outbreak of fever; both had dear friends that died in the outbreak, and both young women were strong and willful. Charlotte Bronte used Jane Eyre as an outlet to tell her very own life story. The characters within the novel, the plots that run throughout, and the very emotions that course through Jane Eyre, represent so many aspects of Charlotte's own life. According to the self-titled novel, Jane Eyre lived a hard, almost brutal life. However despite her circumstances, she alw!.
             ays fought through the despair and heartache to strive for something better for herself.

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