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Joys Of Motherhood

             The story starts out in the year 1934 in Nigeria. In the chapter The Mother we are introduced to the main character Nnu Ego. She is running down the streets of Lagos with tears running down her face. Nnu Ego is twenty- five years old and her firstborn son has died. .
             1. Calabash: the fruit of a gourd; also: a utensil made from its hard shell.
             " His other hand clutched shakily at his begging calabash." (8).
             Chapter 2- The Mother's.
             She was hoping to jump from the bridge and kill herself. In chapter two, The Mother's Mother, the book goes back in time. We are introduced to Ona mother and her father Nwokocha Agbadi. The relationship that her parents shared was a very strange arrangement. The two were not allowed to marry because Obi Umunna, Ona's father would not allow his daughter to marry but she was allowed to fool around. Ona was very strong minded and different from many of the females in the Ibuza tribe and that what attracted Agbadi. She was in love with him but was ver resisted. She became his mistress and everyone knew. Agbdi was gored by an elephant and was on his deathbed this frightened Ona and she came to his aid.
             Agbadi had many wives but Ona was the only one to sleep at his side. When he started to recover he had sexual relation with Ona in the middle of his compound with all his wives and children in the room. Soon after this encounter Abadgi senior wife became ill and died. At the funeral all things that she would need in her after life was gathered and put into the coffin. These things included her personal slave ho happen to be very young and did not want to die. She continues to try and jump out the coffin so she was given blows up side the head but before she died she declared "Thank you for this kindness, Nwokocha the son of Abadgi. I shall come back to your household, but as a legitimate daughter. I shall come back- .
             Soon after the funeral Ona becomes pregnant with Nnu Ego and the baby is allowed to stay with her father because the baby is a girl because if the baby were a boy he would become her father daughter since he never had a boy.

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