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Gas Station

             I was on my way to Jacksonville, FL when I decided to stop at a local gas station. The gas station was not in the best looking part of town. Streetlights were flashing; the station's sign was not even working. There were about 10 of homeless people just walking up and down the street that the gas station was on. I walked into the filthy, run down store, and asked where the bathrooms were. The store clerk appeared to be homeless himself. He needed a haircut and a shaven. The clerk was wearing a torn flannel shirt with ripped up blue jeans. I walked into the bathrooms and they were surprisingly clean! All the walls looked like they had just been painted, and the floors were spotless. I finally walked back into the store and was hit by how filthy the store was, and then I asked myself why were the bathrooms so clean? I just went on about my business and made a pass through the store looking around. I picked up a Mountain Dew and a bag of Lays potato chips. I made my way back to the counter and placed my drink and chips on the sticky counter and paid for my items including twenty-five dollars worth of gas. I walked out the doors and still was in amazement about why the bathrooms were so clean, but I still carried on and went and pumped my gas outside. While pumping my gas I just watched the massive amounts of homeless people walking up and down the streets and thought to myself how blessed I am. In a way, that changed my view on a lot of things in life. I have a lot of things that I take for granted and I should not. I think everyone should be thankful for everything they have and know that life could be worse.

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