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Land Of The Kiwi

             Land of the Kiwi is a film that discusses the physical features of the islands more commonly known as New Zealand. The aspects presented in the film had to do with the natural history of New Zealand and how the environment has a tremendous effect upon the evolution and development upon the plant life and animal life upon these particular islands. The isolation, weather and climate changes are all discussed in the film. And also how life was able to adapt itself to these influential changes. It also shows a number of very unique plants and animals that are found only in New Zealand and no where else in the world caused by the isolation of New Zealand for such a long time. Last of all, the film discusses how the natural history of New Zealand carries on to this day and is visible by the constant eruptions and activities of volcanoes, and also shifts of the Pacific plate and Indian-Australian plate meet at a fault line going through New Zealand. .
             New Zealand is made up of two main islands, called the North Island and the South Island. In New Zealand is a mountain range the stretches 300 miles long, which according to geological research helps to prove that New Zealand was part of the former super-continent called "Gondwanaland". However, this was an event that took place about 80 million years ago. For this long period of time, the islands and the life on it went through its own evolutionary course, making New Zealand have some of the most strange and unusual plant and animal life in the world. .
             This independent course of revolution due in part also because of the lack of human contact. Humans discovered the "land of the kiwi" only about 1200 years ago. Also because of the lack of common predators like snakes, cats, and dogs only reenforced the uniqueness of the characteristics of animal and plant life. One of the most noticeable aspects including how many of the birds had forgotten how to fly since there was no need to escape predators or difficult to find food.

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