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Les Miserables

            Throughout the story of Les Miserables, the realities that the characters see changes dramatically. The events of their lives bring them from unimaginable lows to glorious highs. It "is the march from evil to good, from injustice to justice, from the false to the true, from brutality to duty, from Hell to Heaven, from nothingness to God.".
             Eponine starts out on a path more evil than not. Her father is Monsieur Thenardier. He is always scheming and looking for new ways to make money. He uses Eponine to beg for money and to steal, which she does. Although she is still a young girl, she has already broken many laws. She also develops a crush on Marius, her neighbor. He is in love with Cosette so Eponine tries to keep them apart. First, she will not tell him where she lives, and, later, she takes a letter that Cosette had left for Marius and hides it. Eponine then goes with Marius to the barricades. There, a soldier gets ready to shoot Marius. Eponine sees this and she takes the bullet for him. She also gives him the letter because she realizes that Cosette will make him happy and that is what she wants for him. He kisses her, and she dies in his arms. She may have started out on the wrong path, but she made up for it in the end. .
             The people of France, mainly the downtrodden and poor, found a path to justice amidst injustice. Many had died fighting for the republic; they had won, and yet, there was again a monarchy in power. They lived miserable lives. They were devoid of hope and they possessed nothing. Enjolras, the ABC Group, and many others took the center of Paris in an attempt to regain control. They all were killed, making them martyrs. France returned to its former state-it was again a republic. The blood of many had brought justice to those that lived on.
             Inspector Javert lived in a world that was built entirely on false beliefs. He believed that the respectable people, with homes and families, were the "citizens.

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