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A Review on Les Miserables

             I had the honor and privilege to go and see Les Miserables at the Imperial Theatre on 249 West 45th Street. I absolutely loved it! This is because it met and went beyond my expectation of being a spectacular play. I sat in the first row in the mezzanine upper level right by the aisle. This seat was perfect to view the play from because there were not any big heads or different obscenities in front of me to block my view of the stage The three most captivating aspects of the play was the brilliant light design, costumes, and music. .
             The light designer, John Napier, did an excellent job on designing the lights for the play. He captured the sadness and emotional environment of the play by using dull and dim lighting. Even though he used dull lighting to light up the stage you could still see all the characters actions and facial expressions clearly. The only improvement that I would suggest he make is to brighten up the celebration scene. This is because at the end of the play there is a big celebration and the lights should resemble the emotions of the celebration, but the lighting was not as bright, lively, and cheerful as the celebration instead it was only moderately bright.
             The costume designer, Andreane Neofitou, also did an excellent job on the design of the costumes. The designer captures exactly the fashion of the time period which is 19th century France. When you see the costumes of the play it feels like your seeing one of the costumes in one of those classical plays where you noticed a bum and a wealthy person when you saw one. The poor wore rags and were treated horribly, while the wealthy wore fancier clothing. By doing this it made it easier to identify the different characters role in the society. The colors also were brilliantly selected for each scene because it captures the mood. The play starts out sad so the costume colors were dark and the material looked grungy and raggedy.

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