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Stalin (1878-1953) review

             Staline (1978-1953) by Jean Jacques Marie was published by Librio biographie in 1995. The author, Jean-Jacques Marie, is a Russian historian. He was born in 1937, he studied at the "lycée Louis-le-grand-. He was graduated in Russian studies at "école nationale des langues orientales-. In 1956, he wrote "Pologne-Hongrie-, he wrote in 1967 "Staline (le seuil). He wrote numerous books about the Soviet Union and communism such as a bibliography of Lenin, Stalin (1878-1953), le goulag . Currently, he is director of a periodical: les cahiers du mouvement ouvrier. As you can notice on the cover, a big portrait of Stalin is shown and behind him and on de sides of the book the communist flag is drawn. .
             ABOUT THE BOOK.
             The bibliography of Stalin, is divided into 7 chapters. The first one, the seminarist and the mythology, gives a general overview of Stalin's life before he took the power. This chapter will be explained in more details in the next page. The second chapter, Stalin in the revolution, explains the role that Stalin played in the revolution that started in February 1917 and the consequences of that revolution. The third chapter, the general secretary, covers the life of Stalin between 1921 and 1926. Stalin was elected in 1922, general secretary of the communist party of the Soviet Union. In the forth chapter, the civil wars of Stalin, the period from 1927 to 1939 is covered. The fifth chapter, the marshal and generalissimo, gives an overview during the period from 1939 to 1944. In 1941, Stalin became a man of war; he was elected generalissism and president of the state comity of the defense. The sixth chapter, the colossi who has a food in argil, Talks about the end of the Nazism and covers the period from 1944 to 1953, the year when Stalin died. Finally the seventh chapter, the beginning of the end, talks about the after Stalin. In the beginning of the book, a short preface is given to us in order to demonstrate us the importance, for the history, of the archives of Russia that became accessible after the collapse of the U.

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