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National Corporation: Tiger Tread

            Today, there are many advertising opportunities for a company to market its product. The case of the National Chemical Corporation and its "Tiger Tread- product is a perfect example. Charley Omsrud, marketing director, and Matt Perpex, technical director of the company, knew they had a great product on their hands. The question then became: How can we maximize our advertising dollars to take this product to market. .
             Based on the article, there are many avenues to advertise the product. However, the key is to get the most out of your company's advertising budget. According to Charley, Dow had withdrawn a similar product in the early 1970's because of difficulties with the product, even though nearly 80 percent of the household who tested the product ended up buying a second can. Based on these numbers and the fact that there is not too much competition, it would seem that allocating money to household advertising is a good idea, however, money is tight and we don't have the luxury to test this market. .
             Moreover, Charley was also under a lot a pressure to seek new opportunities for developing new products intended for industrial markets. He classified the industrial market for Tiger Tread as fleets of 10 or more passenger cars, where these fleets accounted for over 7 million vehicles in 1979. One quick view at the table can tell us that business with fleets of 25 + cars represent 35 percent of the total fleet vehicles. In addition, many of these fleets are generally operated by their own garages and purchase supplies centrally. Other fleets listed on the table purchase supplies through manufactures, suppliers and wholesalers. .
             Based on the figures listed above, I believe that the most effective way to advertise is to use a print ad in the premier magazine for facility managers and administrators. Fleet Maintenance would give us access to 42,000 maintenance managers and supervisors.

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