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Living A Dream (Descriptive Essay)

             July thirty-first, summer, not too hot, not cold. Brian is eighteen years old, five foot eleven, brown hair, green eyes, full of energy and looking forward to tonight's events. Brian is going camping with three of his close friends: Dan, Kate and Julie. Like a typical group of eighteen year olds, this is not just some "let's roast marshmallows" camping trip. They have plans to have an experience of a lifetime, an experience that cost them forty dollars. As far as they are concerned it is forty dollars well spent.
             Seven o"clock PM and it's been one hour since Brian and his friends ate the forty dollar dried mushrooms. When they ate the mushrooms they instantly noticed a horrible taste. They did not taste anything at all like one would expect forty-dollar mushrooms to taste like; but they didn't buy these mushrooms for taste. The mushrooms tasted horrible, bland at first and when the after taste kicked in they actually tasted like crap. Why shouldn't they? They were grown in cow pies. It has taken an hour for Brian to finally understand why his money was so well spent.
             The campsite is so high up on the mountain that they escape the clouds seen below them. The sun is beginning to set and Brian decides to go watch it. He is sitting in a folding chair in a field of tan waving grass that continues out twenty feet beyond him and drops off with the rest of the mountain. The air is calm and beginning to cool. As Brian sits in his chair he is overtaken by immense relaxation; thoughts of getting up any time soon have escaped from his mind.
             Brian slouches down in the chair to make himself more comfortable. He is feeling a strange buzz throughout his body, almost a tingle but not quite. Right when his body becomes nearly completely relaxed he suddenly becomes very tense. He is now starting to shake; he feels he is in control of it, but can't manage to stop it. His body continues to shake and it causes all of the muscles in Brian's body to flex and tighten.

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