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             Madonna did not teach business courses or guide multimillion dollar companies or invent the wheel, but she knows Marketing. Perhaps better than anyone.
             (The most influential people in sales and Marketing history, 20 May 01).
             There are different opinions about Madonna's work. But no one can say that she does not know how to promote a product (in this case, herself). Even when she was a child, she already liked to have everyone's attention. Aged twelve, she rebelled against her strict Catholic upbringing by allegedly attending church dressed in nothing but a raincoat. She also fantasised about being a nun because she thought they were sexy. Moreover, she performed at a school talent show semi-naked in front of her father and teachers (MTV's series "Madonna: Her story in music"). But this was the key to her success. She has produced great pop records, and her image has always been sexy and dangerous.
             As an article property of "A&E Television Networks- argues, "What other star has had so many incarnations and inspired so many fads? She has gone from trashy material girl platinum bombshell, to well-muscled, androgynous siren and New Age mom. In short, she is the ultimate fashion chameleon- (Biography, Nov. 00).

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