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Making Mrs. Fields Cookies

             Fields cookie before? Do you wonder how the cookies are made to taste so good? All the answers to your questions on how to make the cookies made by Mrs. Fields will be answered. I have worked at Mrs. Fields Cookies for over three years. As the assistant manager of one of Mrs. Fields retail stores in New Jersey, I had the duties of baking the cookies, selling the cookies to the customers, and depositing the money at the bank. For those who are serious about baking delicious tasting cookies, the three important parts are heating the oven to the right temperature, making sure the raw dough is the correct weight, and then baking the cookies.
             The first part of baking Mrs. Fields cookies is getting the oven pre-heated to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. The pre- heating process takes at least a half hour. This process is important because the raw dough will not bake correctly if the oven is below 425 degrees and if the oven is over 425 degrees, the raw dough will burn. The person who is baking the cookies can check the temperature of the oven by placing a baking thermometer in the oven for fifteen minutes. While the ovens are heating, the baker should get all the necessary tools to begin baking. Once the oven is at the correct temperature, then the baker must prepare the raw dough.
             The second part of baking Mrs. Fields cookies is making sure the raw dough is the correct weight. The weight of each cookie is supposed to be between .1 to .12 pounds. The baker must weigh the cookies using a weighing scale to make sure the cookies are the correct weight. If the cookies weigh less than .1 pounds, then they will burn in the oven. If the cookies weigh more than .12 pounds, then they will not bake properly and must be thrown away. Weighing the raw dough insures that the cookies will be the correct circular shape and that the cookies will be baked all the way through. .
             The final part of making Mrs. Fields cookies is the baking process.

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