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Bresson and Capa (photography)

            Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908- ): photographer. Robert Cappa (1913-1954): photographer. Legends? Innovators of modern photography to say the least. Expressing humanity meticulously through composition is something that these men have in common. I will attempt to compare and contrast each of these individual's style and various photographs.
             Bresson's photos ask questions that are targeted to us all. Although different answers are procured amongst society, the act of putting some thought or rather to search for meaning is not so important, rather "the why" question that engages us all. Bresson entrusted with images of the past and the present to remind society to have a look at their environment because it's easy not to realize the change that occurs. His abstracts also effectively ushers the theme that he attempts to convey, this results to our thoughts and emotions communicate to one another. Bresson also emphasizes on lines, curves, diagonals, shapes, etc because he was trained as a painter before taking up photography in his early 20s. Great sense for an unforgettable image taking form is a talent that Bresson without a doubt, he has. .
             Cappa's credo of "being there" where the action is blessed us with unforgettable photos that will forever remain with us. Political events and wartime images for history sake also reached our senses resulting to having a feeling of connection induced in our heart and mind. He has captured countless moments of life and death. Cappa's contribution to now modern photojournalism, being a participant not a bystander, losing his life in Vietnam, among other things, giving Cappa legendary status. Cappa will always be incorporated with modern photojournalism. Two words that describe Cappa would be fearless and extravagant.
             Bresson's photograph in 1938 named Cardinal Pacelli at Montmarte has captured the meaning of a person or situation. The image, consisting of crowd gathering about a cardinal located at a poor section of Paris.

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