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Ethical Judgments

            Over the years ethical judgments have been justified by numerous mediums. A few of the more popular foundations are consequences, religion, and feelings, just to name a few. Each of these has strong points as well as weak ones.
             One acceptable one basis of ethical judgments is the consequences of our actions. Some would argue that it is possible to make an ethical decision by examining the different possible results that will occur from different courses of action. The "right" choice in a decision like this would be one that benefits the greatest number of people to the biggest magnitude. The idea behind this is that we can understand good and bad through states of pleasure and pain. A good act will produce more net pleasure than pain on the other hand a bad act will cause more net pain. This view is an attempt to preserve the meaningfulness of ethics by keeping it objectionable. Problems arise when we must mix pleasure and pain. In this model we must assume that pleasure and pain are both measurable, also that every aspect of the decision is taken into account. In addition there is a problem with deciding on what ends one ought to have. For instance what may justify an act for one person ma!.
             y not be acceptable to another. A single example of this type of reasoning in today's society is with the use of mandatory vaccinations. Every year a few of the people required to take the vaccine die but the majority of people benefit from them making the net result positive. When the feelings of the dead and those left behind to grieve are thought about the sacrifice to them was much greater than to the rest of the public.
             Religion is another platform that ethical judgments are put upon. Religion provides a set of guidelines that one should live their life by. One illustration of this is Christianity and the Ten Commandments. There are loads of similarities between religions throughout the world in the values that they hold and what they view as wrong.

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