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Medea Vs. Antigone

             In the plays Medea, and Antigone, by Euripides and Sophocles, two women are portrayed as independent, stubborn individuals. Love between two people is clearly tested in each play. In the tragic play Medea, Medea's husband Jason betrays Medea and decides to marry a more beautiful, youthful woman. Medea and her children are then banished from Thebes. The play Antigone, portrays the bond between family members. The newly found king of Thebes publicly declares that Antigone's fallen brother is not to be buried, but is to be left to rot and be eaten by birds. In both plays the two women stand up for what is right. Medea and Antigone were similar in many ways, yet different in certain ways as well.
             Medea and Anigone both stood up to Creon for what they believed. Medea disagreed with her banishment due to the amazing things that she had done for Jason. Medea had risked her life in order to save Jason's. She helped him to recover the Golden Fleece and return to Thebes. Upon Medea's banishment, Medea argued repetitively with Creon. She pleaded with him to allow her to stay, claiming that she would have nowhere to go because she had betrayed her family and left her home. Medea's family were also great rulers, and in order to save Jason's life she had killed her own brother. She was no longer welcome in her own home or in Thebes. Creon showed a great lack of compassion toward Medea, and the same cold heart to Antigone. Antigone had two brothers that had fought on opposite sides during a war to control Thebes. Both of her brothers had died on the battlefield. When Creon came into power, he declared that the brother fighting for him was to be given a proper burial, but Polynieces, who had fought against him, was to be left where he lay. Antigone did no care what Creon said though. She loved her brother and buried him against Creon's wishes. When she was brought before him, she did .
             Not deny what she had done.

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