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Monsters vs. Crucible

             "The Crucible" and "Monsters are Due on Maple Street" are two stories about a neighborhood's residents gone crazy. When one person mentions a possibility the whole town takes it out of proportion and causes terrible things to happen and the right wrongfully-accused. .
             In the two stories, had a few similarities. There weren't many but there were still similarities. In "the Crucible," John Proctor is like Steve. They are the heroes in the stories. Also, Abigail is like Charlie. They both try to accuse people and put the blame on other people. As the stories began there were conflicts. The conflicts led to other incidents. In both of the stories, the characters assumed the cause of the conflict without proof. This led to the residents accusing each other. Towards the end of the story, the town's people began to go crazy. They would accuse one after another. They had no idea who the guilty person was; they just needed someone to put the blame on. Also, in the two stories, they both screamed out several names who would be the guilty over and over. But they never once said there own name. As you can see there are many similarities that are noticeable in the two books.
             There are also many differences. "Monster are Due on Maple Street" is a story about aliens landing on earth and disrupting the living environment of humans. It takes place around contemporary times during the summer. "The Crucible" is a story about witches disturbing other people surroundings. This story takes place during the Salem Witch Trials during spring. Another large difference was, in "Monsters are Due on Maple Street" only men were accused of being an alien. But in "The Crucible" only women were accused and persecuted.
             I think both stories are all crazy. One person assumes something then rumors spread and then the whole town goes crazy. Everyone begins to believe something other than the truth. People should find out some facts and truth before blaming and accusing people that are innocent.

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