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My Antonia

            When a person thinks of virtues one might think of benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and sincerity. These are all good types of virtues, which makes an individual stronger, more complete and prosperous in a person's life. To carry all of these virtues in one person we could say is rare or special. In the book, My Antonia, Antonia resembles the characteristics of these five constant virtues and carries them with great resilience throughout her life.
             These virtues apply to Antonia as she exhibits them in her everyday life. Antonia shows benevolence in her gracious acts of kindness and her kind heart. She is a person who always tries to do good and tries to help in the field and around the house. She is kind in her actions and portrays that profoundly towards Jim and his grandparents.
             She also resembles herself to be righteous. She is happy with her life and enjoys her freedom in the new land. Antonia values good morals, as she seems to be free of sin in America. Her just dealing with everyone around her makes her an honest person that someone could trust.
             Antonia shows notable characteristics of having propriety. Her quality of being proper makes her fitting in the conformity of her life. She expresses this virtue very well in her life and seems to be mature whenever she is around anyone. Her mood always seems to be full of joy, which is a very unique characteristic for a person to convey as much as she expresses it.
             Coming from another country was hard for Antonia to adjust to American customs and the language. It was tough at first but she soon formed to the customs of the American culture and became a wise person in doing it. She found out quickly that on the farm she needed to work extra hard to help her family profit and survive. By being wise in her decisions their family did survive even through the grim winter months. .
             Sincerity is the last of the five virtues that Antonia carries.

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