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New Zealands Search for Security: 1945-1972

            NEW ZEALANDS SEARCH FOR SECURITY: 1945 - 1972.
             In the period between 1945 and 1954 New Zealand's Foreign affairs were at a turning point. We could no longer depend on Britain for our defence, and the Cold war between U.S.S.R and the United States was threatening a global nuclear war. New Zealand needed allies, and wanted collective security.
             Collective security was the idea of a defence system based on countries helping one another in time of need. New Zealand has entered into a variety of collective security organisations. For example, the South East Asia Treaty Organisation . Over the years, New Zealand has sent assistance under these treaties and by requests from organisations.
             In 1945, the United Nations Organisation was formed. Its purpose was to provide a forum in which to discuss problems in a general assembly and supply peace-keeping forces provided by members to help any member country if attacked. A Security Council was established for emergencies, which could decide for quick action to be taken; and had the power of veto, where unanimous vote was required for an action to be taken.
             The ANZUS (Australia, New Zealand, and the United States) treaty was created in 1951 after concerns about post war Asia. The US wanted to give Japan a 'soft' treaty so they could rebuild as a strong anti-communist ally. Alternatively, New Zealand wanted a 'harsh' treaty so Japan would never threaten the Pacific in the future. In a compromise, USA made a defence treaty with Australia and New Zealand in exchange for a soft treaty for Japan. The ANZUS treaty agreed that if a member country was attacked it was an act on all the members. The other members would come to their aid, but only if it complied with their government. In conclusion, NZ's main ally was the US and we no longer relied on Britain for defence in the Pacific. .
             In 1954, the South East Asia Treaty Organisation was set up. Its main policy was containment.

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