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The New Zealand Restaurant Industry

             The purpose of this report is to discuss factors that are influencing the current external business environment for the New Zealand restaurant industry. An evaluation of relevant articles and academic journals will be undertaken to provide information on the contents of this report. The aim of this report is to determine whether external factors to the restaurant industry are threatening or opportunist. Also evaluating whether successful innovation can capitalize on these opportunities. Firstly, the report will examine the social trends that are currently influencing New Zealand's restaurant industry, secondly the variable economic conditions in the New Zealand market and finally the importance of being innovative with the latest food trends.
             Innovation and the Latest Food Trends.
             According to Leslie (2009) people are now reaching out for healthier foods and as the populations ages people want to stay youthful for as long as they can. One of the food trends within the current restaurant industry of New Zealand is a focus on eating healthy; because this is a current social trend consumers are targeting restaurants that offer a healthier menu. Drucker (1985) said that entrepreneurship is creating a new market and a new customer. .
             With the shift toward healthy eating, the restaurant industry in New Zealand is presented with an opportunity to be innovative. They are challenged to create what is called healthy pleasure, meals which are healthy and tasty. Drucker (2002) suggests that innovation comes from searching for innovative opportunities. This food trend of healthy eating is certainly a huge innovative opportunity within the restaurant industry, which can be capitalized on. Food trends also lean towards a variety of delicacies. According to Leslie (2009) there is a high demand for Turkish foods. Again this food trend presents an opportunity within the New Zealand restaurant industry to enable restaurants to accumulate a wide customer base.

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