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Nixon Library

             The Nixon Library is more than just a library bearing the late presidents" name. To me the library seemed more like a museum which houses audio and visual displays surrounding Richard Nixon's life. It is located in Yorba Linda and built in front of Richard Nixon's birthplace. The library opened its doors in 1990 as a privately supported institution to educate the public about Richard Nixon. The day I visited the library Bill Jones announced his candidacy for governor of California. I watch a short 28 minute film title "Never give up": Richard Nixon in the Arena." I visited an exhibit titled "Road to Presidency," which houses a 1832 engraving of the Declaration of Independence. It also had exhibits which showed how Richard Nixon worked his way up in the political Arena. Of all the exhibits I especially enjoyed the one about Nixons pursuit of Alger Hiss in the 1948 espionage case. I saw the presidential limousine. The same limousine in which president Nixon traveled in during his term in office. It is a black, bullet proof Lincoln continental with a V-8 engine priced around $500,000. Exhibit seven has a display of life size statues of 10 world leaders. Each statue weighs 80lbs. and are made according to the actual height of the leader. There is a picture of the capital from when Nixon took office and the room is filled with gifts and flags. There is a monitor in front of the exhibit which provides biographical summaries of each leader. A gallery featuring Richard Nixon's achievements with foreign affairs is an interesting piece because I am now able to associate him with more than jus the Watergate scandal. There are also many gifts from Chinese and Russian leaders president Nixon dealt with during his term in office. This exhibit also encompasses an actual piece of the Berlin Wall. Aside from all the political accomplishments, president Nixon also contributed to Americas Space history. A whole exhibit with photos and actual moon rocks.

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