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The My Lai Massacre

             1968 was a year of protests, assassinations, the Vietnam War, and the .
             My Lai, known as Tu Cung to the Vietnamese, one of the nine hamlets.
             located near Son My. It was known as "Pinkville" to the GI's, because on their .
             military maps it was colored rose.It is located in South Vietnam, in the Quang .
             Ngai province. Quang Ngai is located on QL-1, the only South Vietnam .
             national highway. Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 11th Brigade built a base .
             camp at Duc Pho, a small village in the southern part of Quang Ngai. When .
             they arrived at Duc Pho, they found the villages destroyed. On January 30th, .
             the Viet Cong and NVA launched an attack in South Vietnam, known as the .
             Tet Offensive. (Donelson 273).
             Charlie Company suffered many casualties, although never came.
             close to any Ciet Cong. The Viet Cong set up mines and booby traps. .
             One day, while the men of Charlie Company were patrolling close to Son My,.
             they came upon a heavily laid minefield. Fifteen men were wounded or killed. .
             They had suffered twenty-eight casualties all together, just from mines and .
             traps alone. (Crime Library). .
             Charlie Company was led by Lieutenant William Calley. Calley was a 5'3 .
             twenty-four year old college drop out, raised in Miami Florida. He attended Palm .
             Beach Junior College in 1963, and failed with two C's. one D, and four F's. .
             His father was a Navy veteran. After failing college, Calley worked as an.
             investigator for an insurance company, at a car wash, washing cars, and.
             as a train conductor before he entered the service. In 1966, he found himself in .
             San Francisco, where he lived for a few months. He then received a letter from.
             the Selective Service System, saying that he was to go back home for a medical .
             examination, that his draft status had been reevaluated. On his way back home.
             to Florida, his car broke down, he found a recruitment center in Alburquerque .
             and enlisted in the army. Calley finished basic training in Fort Benning, Georgia, .

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