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My Lai Massacre Paper

             In response to Americans that believe that a solider should not only follow commands of his commanding officer, you are all the most horrifying human beings that are even imaginable. If an American is drafted and asked to serve in his countries military, you believe that he has the right to speak out against his country and not perform his duties. If the brave veterans of World War Two had not suffered and gave their country their all, they would not have been able to overpower the German armies and stop the Nazis from continuing with their extermination of the Jews. If you, unfaithful, unpatriotic American, were put into the shoes of a draftee, you would have dodged the draft and allowed the massacre of millions of more Jews. The soldiers must carry out the orders given by their commanding officer to guarantee an effective military force.
             The morals of war are a farce. A human being, capable of thinking for themselves, will see and comprehend that killing is wrong. The moral of thou shall not kill must be sacrificed for the better of human kind during the events of a war. The fact that one human being kills another should not be seen as a solider killing a solider or a solider killing a civilian, but it should be seen as enemy killing enemy. The fight is not over good versus evil, but as one group with their principles and ideas against another group with uncommon ones. .
             During the Vietnam War, massacres and mass murders of civilians took place on a regular basis. The media gained knowledge of the My Lai massacre in March of 1968, and pressure from the American public, hippies and draft-dodgers, caused the military to prosecute the commanding officer of Charley Company, Lieutenant William Calley. The accused was convicted of killing civilians while also commanding his men to carry out the horrifying task also. The court did not see that Calley, an American solider, was carrying out his orders to destroy the enemy, in this case the Vietnamese people.

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