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            Music is an expression that uses the sense of hearing and feeling. From Classical to Hip Hop there is no doubt that the culture of the society directly reflects its music. We see this through Jimmy Hendrix, and how Hip Hop music today inspires listeners to be more superficial. This paper will show how society inspires music and how music inspires society.
             I first started to do this research project by first looking where I thought music prevailed as a great influence in society. I saw it played a big role during the Vietnam era and much of today. I first used the internet. The internet is a great a place to not only download music but also to find information on it. Without a doubt I was able to find a sufficient amount of information. But the internet is not the only place to find information. I also found information using encyclopedias and books I found around the house. Finding someone to interviewer was a little hard due to my shy nature. Finding courage I was able to ask my friend Christian dude on his views.
             Christian, a young and upcoming musician, plays a number of different instruments. Interviewing was a learning experience. Not only did I learn about music I .
             also was able to learn more about him. I asked him what kind of role does music plays in your life and society. He said that "music is great. It's an art a way for one to express oneself." I see this to be true in Christian. I see that music does play a great role in his life. His moods determine the kinds of songs he would play or write. When he is happy he would write a funny or happy song and when he is sad he would write a song to express his bitterness about the subject. .
             Rap or Hip Hop has its roots within African culture and tradition. (http://www.daveyd.com/raphist 1.html0 ) Rap has evolved from simple stories to poetry with a beat. But now we see rap evolving into a more negative aspect. Rappers have caused listeners to be more superficial.

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