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The Exorcist

             Possession is a condition in which a person is believed to be under the control of an external force such as a demon or another distinct personality. Apart from possession by the Holy Spirit, Christianity regards possession as the work of the devil. Although the idea of demonic possession and exorcism are not emphasized on there are still many people who believe in it whether it is for religious or recreational purposes. The idea did originate from religion, yet it is still something people fear whether it has been proven to exist or not. The perfect example of a film, which shows anxiety about demonic possession, is shown in The Exorcist. In 1973, William Freidkin created a frightening horror-film masterpiece. The Exorcist was originally based on William Peter Blatty's 1971 best-selling theological horror novel. The film begins in Iraq, at the site of an archaeological dig. This is the scene where Father Lankester Marring (Max von Sodom), the exorcist, unearths a small artifact bearing the likeliness of a demon named Pazuzu. In this scene, the exorcist and some archaeologists are standing face to face with the evil demon, which symbolizes the turmoil and confrontation to come.
             The existence of demonic possession is shown in various sorts of texts, according to Michael B. Smith, in medieval theology, Satan entered the victim directly, or by intermediary, such as a witch or wizard causing the victim to act abominably and renounce God (12). In demonological literature, sometimes, the voice of the possessed person changes, sometimes even his or her appearance changes as well (Smith, 15). The body might be thrown into convulsions, and strange objects, and even creatures were passed from the mouth and the anus. The possessed person also displays hatred and or fear for symbols of goodness and sanctity. A perfect example of possession is clearly shown in a couple scenes of The Exorcist.

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