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A Tale of Two Cities

            A brilliant plot was laid out by the author, Charles Dickens, in the novel "A Tale of Two Cities." Revolving around the troubled times of the French Revolution in France and England, characters outline the foundation of a plot that involves: love, revenge, evil, courage, and sacrifice. The concluding chapters of this novel ultimately shows how the evil effects of revenge can bring out one's bad side, and also ends with the central protagonist sacrificing his own life for his love and his friendship. In my opinion, I liked how in the end, Sydney Carton, one of the main characters in this novel, sees a better world before entering the guillotine, thinking not of himself, seeing a world where he gave to others.
             Sydney Carton is a character that helps weave an interesting and dramatic plot. He is first introduced as a frustrated, immature alcoholic, but in the end, he made the ultimate sacrifice for a good friend. Carton was a look-a-like of Charles Darnay, a languid protagonist that has a tendency to get arrested. Though Carton's character changed overwhelmingly throughout this novel. Carton loved the same woman as Charles Darnay was married to, Lucie Manette. During the middle of the Revolutionary War, Darnay is arrested in France for being an enemy at the state. Because of two antagonists who happens to be key leaders of the French Revolution wanting to seek revenge on Darnay's family, Darnay is sentenced the death penalty. With his everlasting love for Lucie, and mended friendship with Charles, Carton saved Lucie and her father from being murdered by one of the key leaders, and gets into the prison in which Darnay was held. Carton made a sacrifice by attending the guillotine in place of Charles since he looked so much like him.
             Throughout the novel, there are many action scenes that occur in Bastille, Tellson's Bank, the home of the Manettes, and the streets of Paris.

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