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Oedipus Rex

            The basic theme of Oedipus Rex is the irony of fate. No mortal man, no matter how powerful and wealthy, can be pronounced happy until he is dead; for no man, however wise, knows what tomorrow will bring. This is the burden of the last complete.
             choral song and of the last lines of the play (which are sometimes called spurious).
             Oedipus confesses that he killed a man at the crossroads in anger. He has angry clashes with Teiresias and Creon. Oedipus is guilty of pride and temper, injustice as a ruler and an unorthodox attitude toward seers and oracles. However (l.1329), after the.
             catastrophe, although Oedipus cites Apollo as the author of his misfortune, he does not charge the god with cruelty or injustice.
             Dramatic irony, the irony of fate, is the most important element in the play. It begins with the first appearance of Oepidus in his kingly robes and with his first words,"I myself have come hither, Oedipus, famous among all men." The pitiful townspeople.
             have appealed for aid to the one who is in reality the cause of their misfortune. Teiresias is the blind man who sees, Oedipus the seeing man who is blind. Oedipus welcomes the information Creon brought him from Delphi. His optimism, his zeal to carry out.
             all the commands of Apollo and to punish the murderer of Laius is ironical. At the beginning of the next episode, Oedipus ironically curses the murderer of Laius (ll. 258-65).
             Oedipus was born a prince, raised to be a king. The play teaches us about the nature of leadership and the qualities of a great leader. A person is not a great leader just because they are born a prince and raised to be King. He is the sort of king who is more concerned with outer image than the substance of his rule. Oedipus has a "messiah complex" when he takes on the role of savior of Thebes. He is acting in a self-centered manner, but is selfless in doing so. However, because Oedipus forsakes the God's by killing his father and sleeping with his mother, he is not worthy of being King.

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