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Old Danger Still Present

             In today's world there are many problems that attack a college campus. There is an old issue that needs not to be forgotten in the rapid rush of excelling technology. It is still dangerous to walk alone at night; everyone must remember their safety. On college campuses across the nation, every corner cannot be lit. The danger lurking in those corners can lead to kidnapping, rape, and injury.
             Just recently Washington intern Chandra Levy disappeared with out a trace. That can easily happen to anyone on a college campus. The average college campus has many buildings that stretch across many acres, which leaves lots of room for outsiders to enter a campus with unknown intentions. There can't always be a blue light emergency phone at the fingertips of victims.
             With more and more date-rape drugs coming into society it is evident thatrape? will happen. The advances of technology can easily over shadow this fear. Computers get cheaper and cheaper every year and it is almost a fact that everybody has one. It is a worldwide concern that someone may hack or crash your computer. With this much worry about hackers afar, it is hard to comprehend that a person standing right next to you could slip adate-rape drug? into something as simple as a soda.
             A college campus is a place where a lot of teens and young adults in there 20's like to vent aggravation with partying. Partying leads to drinking alcohol and drinking alcohol leads to clumsiness; then clouded minds decided it is okay to drive. With this going on, an innocent person can be a target of vehicular manslaughter. Or if that's not the case a victim can become a quadriplegic. .
             The question remains is, how to fix safety issues on college campuses? The rapid advance of technology is being overlooked for the use of safety. To counteract kidnapping, an abundance of surveillance cameras with night vision capabilities should be installed on campuses. To counteract rape there should more police officers on campuses just performing patrols looking for suspicious behavior; with the aide of night vision goggles.

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