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Old Testament

             The Christian name for the Hebrew Bible. It is the sacred scripture of Judaism and the first portion of the Christian @Bible. According to Jewish teachings, it is made up of three parts: the Law (also known as the Torah or Pentateuch), comprising the @ first five books (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy), which describes @the origins of the world, the covenant @ @between the Lord and Israel, the exodus and entry into the promised land, and the various rules governing social and religious behavior; @the Prophets , including the former prophets (Joshua, Judges, Samuel 1-2, Kings 1-2) and the latter prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, @Ezekiel, and the 12 minor prophets), which describes the history of the Israelites, the stories of heroes, kings, judges, and wars, and the @choosing of David as leader of the Israelites; and the Writings (including Psalms, Job, Song of Solomon, and Ruth, among others), which @describes the reactions of the people to the laws and covenant!.
             s, as well as prayers and praises of the covenant. Some books of the Old @Testament regarded as sacred by the Jews are not accepted as such by Christians; among Christians there are differences between @Roman Catholics and Protestants about the inclusion of some books, the order of the books, and the original sources used in @translating them. Scholars generally agree that the Old Testament was compiled from c. 1000 B.C. to c. 100 B.C. .
             The first 39 books of the Bible dealing with the life and times of the Jews, and the development of their idea of God before the coming of Jesus.
             New Testament .
             The second portion of the Christian Bible, which contains 27 books that form the basis of Christian belief. These @books include the sayings of Jesus, the story of his life and work, the death and resurrection of Jesus now celebrated as Easter, the @teachings and writings of the apostles, and instruction for converting nonbelievers and for performing baptisms, blessings, and other @rituals.

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