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The Old Testement Versus the New Testement

            Growing up in the church, I"ve been taught stories from both the Old and New Testament. It wasn"t until high school that I started developing a feeling that the Old Testament was just a bunch of rules that only applied to the people in those days. I remember reading passages such as Exodus 22 that talked about ox and sheep and all kinds of stuff I didn"t understand. The only problem with this was that because I simply didn"t understand some of it, I started to discount all of it. If I had to talk to a friend that felt the same way I did back then, I"d now be better equipped to explain exactly why the Old Testament is important. .
             Through this class I have come to realize just how present God is in our everyday lives. We have gone over so many examples of Israel being in a situation when they need God, and God providing. For instance, in Exodus 14, the people of Israel are terrified of having to cross the Yum Suph. We can relate this to a trial in our own life of having to overcome an obstacle that seems so impossible. God sent his messenger, Moses, to tell the people, "Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today." (Exodus 14:13 N.I.V.) The parting of the waters is something only God could have done, but until this class it was just another nice story in the Old Testament to me. In this class, I learned that I can count on God to be there. If he could save the Israelite amongst all of their doubts, then he can surely save me in my little troubles, especially if I fully trust him. There is a cycle of God making a promise, the people not believing it and being scared, then God fulfilling the promise. The Old Testament reveals this cycle many times to show that God is there. .
             The Old Testament is filled with so many other things that shouldn"t be overlooked. For one, just the examples of character shown through different people can teach us so much about how to live.

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