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            Othello gave his wife a handkerchief, which belonged to his mother, as a wedding gift. Iago tells his wife Emilia to steal it from Desdemona to fulfill yet another one of his mischievous schemes. Emilia swindles it and gives it to her husband, Iago. This scheme in my eyes is the moment of revelation, or the high point of this play, because Othello sees the handkerchief in Cassio's presence, and the evil plot of this story unravels. Iago's next move was to plant the handkerchief in Cassio's bedroom to make it look like Desdemona was having an affair with him. When Iago tells Othello of his wife's affair, Othello becomes extremely jealous and bursts into rage. Iago later sets up a meeting with Cassio and adjusts their words to make it sound like Cassio is admitting his affair with Desdemona. After hearing this Othello goes into a seizure. He also hits Desdemona in front of her cousin Lodovico the Venetican. This is an example of how the handkerchief undoes Othello.
             On the other side Emila tells about how she gave the handkerchief to Iago, and the truth starts to unravel. Othello realizes this and although he cannot kill Iago, Iago gets captured. And Othello then kills himself to be forever in hell. All of this is a result of the journey of the handkerchief. And as a result of this, the both of them are doomed.

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