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Exotic Plants

            Classification essay of exotic plants.
             Exotic plants in our environment and trough out the world can be very interesting to study and are often placed into different classifications according to some very unusual characteristics they may display. Scientists or botanists often classify them according to their different characteristics they use in the way the plants trap their prey. Some species of exotic plants are classified by the usage of unusual ways to capture their prey by having what are called active and passive traps. Classification of exotic plants into categories also makes them easier to study.
             Active traps are classified as such by the fact that activity takes place when they are luring their prey. Commonly known active traps are plants like the Venus Fly Trap. The Venus Fly Trap uses its threadlike trigger hairs inside the lobes of the plant to capture their prey. When the insect, most commonly the fly enters the open lobes of the Venus Fly Trap and lands on the trigger hairs it quickly closes its lobes which look like clenched teeth and catches its prey. The plant then digests its prey leaving only the hard insides of the insect behind. Teachers often use this particular plant when teaching about this species because students find it very interesting to watch the process take place. You can buy these plants in flower shops or other stores in your community. Other exotic plants are rare and can only be found in such places as the rainforest.
             Another classification of exotic plants is the species that have passive traps known for luring their prey without movement. Some examples of these plants are the Sundew Plant and the Pitcher Plant. The characteristics of the Sundew Plant are the unique as it contains a scented sticky substance that attracts its prey. Once the prey is lured to the plant it is stuck without any movement taking place. This is probably the best example of a passive plant.

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