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Pollutions In The City

             Pollution is the act or process of polluting or state of being polluted especially the contamination of soil, water or the atmosphere by discharge of harmful substances. Pollution has been a major issue in all cities for a long time and is continuing to get worse. .
             There are different types of pollution. One type is air pollution. Different things such as exhaust from cars and planes, factories, nuclear power plants, and burning plastic and tires can cause air pollution. Another type is water pollution. Some causes of water pollution are factory and animal waste, dead fish, sewage, acid rain, and lead. All this is present in our lakes where we get our water supply. Another type is land pollution. Causes of land pollution would be people being careless and throwing their trash onto the ground, which makes the Cities Street, look dirty. People and animals are affected by different kinds of pollution. They both drink the polluted water and breathe in the polluted air. In doing this, they can cause illness to themselves. Nothing gains from pollution. There are no positive benefits to pollution.
             There are many different ways people can fight against pollution. They can help stop pollution by driving their cars less and walking more. That cuts down on the amount of exhaust. Also, they can help by not smoking. Not only does the they smoke get into other people's lungs; it also gets into the air. People can fight water pollution by not throwing their garbage into the lakes. Also not letting their pets swim and put their waste in the water. .
             There are different pollution activists groups that try to fight pollution. Also, people who just recycle and pick up trash on the streets help allot too. They may not think that they are helping, but a little goes a long way. Environmentalists do studies on pollution and help come up with solutions to the problem too. The government funds the groups that are organized pollution fighting organizations.

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