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Canadian and American Embassy review

            The embassy websites for Canada and America both attempt to increase the opposite countries opinion of their own country. On both websites a lot of emphasis is placed on the cooperation between the two neighboring countries and the role each plays in the daily life of the other. This relationship can be seen in many different aspects of Canadian and American life. The websites are directed at the citizens of the opposing country; dealing with issues facing the both countries.
             Canada views itself as a safe nation with cultural diversity, economic growth, and peacefulness. Canada is known as a culturally rich country with a very diverse population. It is thought as a safe nation where the expression of their citizens are tolerated and welcomed. However, the Canadian website places an emphasis on trade and economy and less of an emphasis placed on culture, arts and society. This shows that Canada is trying to present themselves as more economical and less cultural and that Canada and the United States relationship is primarily based on economics and less on culture and society. .
             The United States of America's website is also primarily focused on economics, but there is more information on the country and their history. This illustrates that the United States is a historically proud nation and feels that Canadians viewing the website should have access to their historical background. This historical background includes their art, culture and diversity as a nation. The United States present themselves as a nation of wealth; economically and culturally. .
             Both websites are quick to point out the fact that Canada and the United States share a long friendship and historical background. This can be attributed to the fact that the Canadian and American border spans 5,525 miles long and the majority of Canadians live within 200 km from the border. They share more then just a border; they share the same aspirations such as freedom, democracy, the rule of law, and rights of every human.

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