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Red Badge Of Courage Essay

            It is often called America's first great war novel, yet Stephen Crane's The Red Badge of Courage is more than just a tale about the civil war. Each person goes through his or her own personal struggle during the process of maturing. Some have this easy; others strive very hard to reach this goal of development. Although there may be constant struggles, there usually is one major event that creates somewhat of a bridge between childhood and adulthood. The Red Badge of Courage traces the steps and major events in the life of Henry Fleming, focusing mainly on his evolution into manhood. We meet Henry as a nave young man, seeking glory, yet unprepared for life on the front lines, and leave him much wiser and mature. Henry, hardened and experienced by the war, grows and matures, finally learning the true meaning of courage.
             Henry is introduced as he prepares to enlist in the Union army, leaving his mother and their farm home behind. The young Henry Fleming lives a secluded and protected life seen by his mother's warning:.

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