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Realism & Impressionism

             The diverse between Realism and Impressionism differ in artistic techniques that are similar to the aspects of our visual mechanism. We concentrate on what grabs our visual interest. This concentrate is seen in detail "realism- whereas everything outside of the concentrate is blurry "impressionism."".
             Realism in the arts, are identified as the accurate, detailed, unembellished depiction of nature or modern life. It was the movement of the mid 19th century that formed in reaction against the severely academic production of the French school. Realism rejects creative idealization in favor of a close examination of outward appearances. As such, realism in its general sense has comprised many artistic currents in several civilizations.
             Realist painters are required to show what they saw without idealizing it. They were less concerned about grandiose subject matter and more interested in choosing their subjects from the commonplaces of everyday life. Realist painters included Gustave Courbet, J. F. Millet, and Honoré Daumier. In a broader sense, the term is applied to an unembellished rendering of natural forms. In recent years realism has come to mean the appearance of forms and materials that are simply themselves, not representations of things that previously exist.
             Impressionism is an art form designed to obtain reflected light from subjects by the use of streaks of color. Recognizable objects are depicted but in a non-realistic way. In the late 19th century, the French school that was generally characterized by the attempt to show brief visual impressions frequently painted straight from nature and by the aid of pure, broken color to attain brilliance and luminosity. It was loosely structured in that many painters were linked with the movement for only brief periods in their careers.
             Impressionism is a major movement in painting that developed primarily in France during the late 19th century.

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