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Red Badge Of Courage

            Stephen Crane was fascinated by both mental and physical violence. Crane envied wounded soldiers, thus he wrote the novel The Red Badge of Courage. Crane enjoyed writing for newspapers. Crane never participated nor witnessed a war.
             Stephen Crane was born after the finale of the United States Civil War. Crane was born into a writing family. His parents were authors, and two of his brothers were reporters. Crane got his information for the novel from; interviews with war veterans, old war photographs and accounts, and old newspaper articles.
             Both, the Realism and the Impressionism literary movements influenced Crane. He portrayed Impressionism with his highly selective details of war scenes. Most of Crane's most memorable imagery is in the form of Impressionism. Crane wanted to the get his novel the most real possible.
             Stephen Crane only lived to be 29 years old. Crane was born in Newark, New Jersey. Crane went to Lafayette College, then attended Syracuse University. Crane started out as a freelance writer in New York. After, Crane published The Red Badge of Courage, he was hired to cover the Greco-Turkish war by many American and foreign newspapers. He was hired because, he showed he understood the ordeals of combat, yet never witnessed war. Crane was not only a novelist, he was journalist, a short-story writer, and wrote some poetry. Crane later moved to Jacksonville, FL, and married a prostitute. Crane died of tuberculosis at the age of 29.
             The Red Badge of Courage is a United States Civil War novel that traces the development of a young recruit, Henry Flemming, and his campaign during the war. The book doesn't mention any locations or dates. The novel does not focus mainly on the war itself, but each character and his or her battle of maturity.

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