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The Red Badge of Courage

            The two films about the civil war focused on the events of two individuals who had different roles, one as a general, and the other as a soldier. The main similarity is that they both showed the hardships of war what gruesome realities come with it.
             The first film, "The Red Badge of Courage" is about a soldier who fears that if he were to see a battle, he might run from it. During their first battle, he was overwhelmed with terror, so he ran and questioned himself on whether he was a coward or if he did the right thing. As he is wandering, he overhears a general say that the regiment held back the enemy charge. Then he tries to convince himself that he was right to preserve his own life. Later on he catches up with a group of injured soldiers and one of them runs away from the line and leans against a tree, where he dies. The main character and another soldier walk until they see some fighting and hear a general insult their regiment. This infuriates the two soldiers. Then they are told that they are the best fighters of the regiment as the general and his group continues battling. Then the soldier realizes that he has overcome his sickness of war. In contrast to the other movie, this film is about soldiers who are afraid to, and unwilling to fight. "Glory" is about soldiers who thought of as unable to fight sufficiently, but truly willing to fight.
             "Glory" focuses on the relationship between a general and his men. The general, Robert Shaw, was willing to fight with his soldiers by the end of the movie as the generals in the other movie just gave orders to the soldiers in the line of battle. General Shaw was the leader of an all black regiment that was not allowed to fight by the rest of the military conference. Only two battles were fought by the all-black regiment, as they were being held back by the war marshal. The only way the soldiers got an opportunity to fight was because Robert Shaw blackmailed the marshal.

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