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Red badge of courage

             In the red badge of courage, the main character Henry is faced with many different emotions though out the entire book. Henry and I acted the same in a situation that required courage because we both stood up to our problem, stayed in the battle, and went psycho to achieve it. I will tell you how Henry and I are the same.
             After running from the battle, Henry joined back up with his squad and marched into another battle. This time he had to prove to everyone else that he was the man he said he was. This Is like me by once I had to give a speech in front of my class and I was really nervous because I did it in about 5 minutes and it sucked really bad, but I ended up giving it and it wasn't as bad as I thought. "HE began to fume with rage and exasperation. He beat his foot upon the ground, and scowled with hate at the swirling smoke that was approaching like a phantom". Henry is about to go into battle and he is facing it without backing down and running away.
             When getting ready to get March in, he stood there ready and willing to go into the battle. He did not back down no matter how scared he was. "He crouched behind a tree, with his eyes burning hatefully and his teeth set at a curlike snarl."(pg 109) Henry was ready and sat there waiting for his fear to come around the hill.
             During the battle, hennery went crazy and just couldn't stop from shooting at nothing! All of the enemy had retreated and that wasn't enough for Henry to stop. "Yeh infernal fool, don't yeh know enough t" quit when there ain't nothing t" shoot at?" (pg 111). Henry went absolutely crazy and just went psycho shooting at things that weren't even there, it took his friends to finally calm him down and stop shooting.
             Hennery in the red badge of courage went from being a complete wimp to become a full blown cowboy. Henry found himself not running in the end and becoming a hero. .

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