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Robert Schumann

             Robert Schumann was born on the 8 of June 1810 in Zwickau, Saxony. He is a German romantic period composer. His father, August Schumann was a bookseller. His father might not be a strong musician but he had strong artistic and literary learning, which Robert inherited from. He has creative urge and a determination to achieve his objective. This can be seen later in his struggle to obtain his wife in face of parental objection. Robert also inherited the instability of temperament from his mother, Johanna Schumann. She was an emotional and a sentimental person.
             He started playing at the age of seven. He showed his ability as a pianist and an interest in composing as well as literary. He was also enthusiastic over the writing of Jean Paul. August Schumann died in 1826 when he was only 16, followed by his nineteen years old sister. He was the fifth child in the family and therefore spoiled. He never quite recovered from his father and sister death, which increased the strain of melancholy from which he suffered periodically throughout his life. His mother sent him over to study in Leipzig to study law but instead he spent his time in musical, social and literary activities.
             He took some piano lesson from the famous piano-teacher Friedrich Wieck. He has a daughter, Clara who was only nine years old at that time, but already a brilliant pianist. He tried to persuade his family that he should give up law in favor of a pianist's career. He went to live with Wieck in 1830. He invented a contraption for improving the technique of his left hand but has caused injury to it instead. He has to give up his idea of becoming a concert pianist. He then turned his energies to becoming a composer instead. .
             His father, sister, two brothers, a favorite sister-in-law, a bosom friend and his mother all died within the space of few years. Clara has been very sympathize and understanding towards Robert's difficulties.

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