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Seneca Falls Convention

            There have been many types of movements throughout time. Many are to accomplish goals and to get equalities throughout different minorities. Women's movements have always been a controversial issue. The movements vary from demanding to get equal rights, to the persistence in women's suffrage movement. The Seneca Falls convention of 1848 formally introduced several ideas: equal voting rights for men and women, equality regardless of gender, and equal opportunity for participation in commerce and trade. The Seneca Falls Woman's Rights Convention sparked to life a women's movement that is still changing the world today by improving the lives of women and, consequently, men everywhere. The Seneca Falls convention was the single most important catalyst in the women's rights movement, contrary to the commonly accepted belief that it was merely the product of an inevitable social revolution.
             As a result of preexisting grievances, new access to resources, and an internal dialectic of opposition, the issue of women's rights was increasingly discussed from abolitionist platforms throughout the 1840's. These dynamics culminated in 1848 with the well known Seneca Falls women's rights convention, which drafted a Declaration of Sentiments and principles that formally launched the women's rights movement. (Brownmiller, In our revolution pg. 52-53) While the precise timing of this convention concerns the biographies of the women involved in calling the convention, the year 1848 is a significant reminder that the women's right began in a social climate of agitation and reform at home and a political climate of revolutionary social change in Europe. Both nationally and internationally, such reform and revolutionary movements created important social and political space for other movements, including women's rights, to build a foundation. (Myra Marx, Controversy and Coalition, pg. 49-51) Such movement space is yet another resource that some movements bequeath to others as part of the dynamics of social reform and change.

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