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Similarities And Relationships Of Love And Hate

            When one thinks of the meanings of the words "love" and "hate," some think of them being opposites and others think they are related. I feel that the two are both of those and plus the added feature that when one is involved the other is as well. In the drama "Othello" written by William Shakespeare, each character shows a form of hate and love.
             For example, Iago is a person one would think of as the definition of evil but he does love as well as hate; he loves to hate. There is no other explanation for his need to be so evil. One can even see that he hates the woman he loves. He shows this by talking of trying to sleep with Desdemona to get back at Othello for something of his own imagination. If he didn't hate his wife then why would he talk of cheating on her just to get back at Othello for something Iago has no proof of? Iago plays with the power of my theory of "where there is love, there is hate and where there is hate, there is love," by turning Othello against Desdemona. Iago messes with the fact that Othello loves Desdemona and turns it into a hatred. He hates because he loved. If Othello hadn't loved there would have been no hatred. Iago realizes that hate is strengthened by love and uses that as a weapon. He loved to see people hate.
             Roderigo is the venetian gentleman that loved one so much that he hated the one that she loved. The love and hate is not directly related in this example but shows how one persons love can cause another persons hatred.
             Brabantio is the father that had the love of her daughter split in two. He only received half her love after Othello came into the picture and stole the other half. He became outraged with the fact that Othello had done this to him so he grew some hatred for the "moor.".
             One that would love without knowing whether he loves or not, like Othello, causes there significant other to hate falling in love. The reason for this is that they themselves fall in love not knowing that the other really isn't in love and in return end up being hurt when the other finds out he/she is not really in love.

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