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The Koran

             It is a simple and uncomplicated religion, giving one maximum freedom without encroachment on the freedom of others. It enjoins one to believe in only One God, to do good; to keep up prayers and pay the poor-tax; to fast during the month of Ramadan; to perform the Hajj and to fight for the sake of Allah, whenever necessary; to believe in the Justice of Allah and life after death, to believe in the Prophethood of Muhammad and the teachings of the twelve Imams (Leaders). Islam forbids evil and tyranny, prohibits intoxicants and games of chance, adultery and indecencies, and blood and flesh of swine and dead animals. They obey Islamic doctrine that the power of actions proceeds from Allah and every human being is morally responsible for his own actions. They must perform The Pilgrimage to Mecca, if one has the means for performing it. Every Muslim must also perform Obligatory Prayers five times a day, and face The Day of Resurrection and of Judgment. .
             When dealing with western religions such as Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, all have monotheistic views. Monotheism is the worship of a single God of the universe. Even though each of these religions believes in worshipping one single God, they all differ when it comes down to their core belief. The Islamic religion believes in one God, who they call Allah. They completely submit to only him and obey all his laws. Unlike Christianity, the Islamic religion does not believe in the Trinity. They believe Jesus was just another prophet just as Moses, Isaac, and Abraham were. Adam was the first prophet and Muhammad was the last. The Judaic religion believes that humans are made in God's image and have direct contact with God. People are ultimately able to chose between good and evil. It is believed by this faith that God is going to send a Messiah. Both of these religions contradict Christianity because of the Holy Trinity. One of the core beliefs of Christianity is the existence of the Holy Trinity.

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