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Who is Moses in the Koran?

             The first topic I will cover in this paper is, "who is Moses in the Koran?" In order to properly answer this question, there is some background information that needs to be covered. In the Koran, which is the Muslim book of worship, the basis of teaching is similar to that of the Hebrew Bible in that there is only one God, and he alone is to be worshipped. This is the God of Abraham, and the God of Moses who I will be talking about in this paper. According to the Nigosian (page 335) Muslims honor a total of 28 prophets in their religion, including Muhammad who was the final prophet of the 28, and the one who God revealed his final will to in definitive form. In the Koran, Moses is one of these 28 prophets. So, to specifically answer the question, "who was Moses in the Koran" the answer is that he is a prophet of God. This can be proven through God's speaking to Moses and specifically choosing him as one of his chosen people. The first instance of God speaking to Moses and revealing to him that he was one chosen to represent God's will is talked about on page 220 of the Koran as translated by N.J. Dawood. It says, "When Moses saw a fire, he said to his people: "Stay here, for I can see a fire. Perchance I can bring you a lighted torch or find a guide hard by." When Moses came near, a voice called out to him:Moses, I am your Lord- It continued saying, Know that I have chosen you. Therefore listen to what shall be revealed. I am God. There is no god but Me. Serve Me, and recite your prayers in My remembrance." This passage to me shows God choosing Moses as a prophet, or someone who directly hears God's voice and his words. .
             How does the story of Moses in the Koran compare with the story of Moses in the Hebrew scripture?.
             There is more to Moses in the Koran and other readings than just the fact that he was a prophet. In the Hebrew scriptures, there are specific stories of Moses and the things he did in accordance with God's will.

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