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             Thai puppetry includes both the two-dimensional puppets which are presented in shadow play both in front of and behind a brightly lit muslin screen, known by the genre name of shadow puppets, and three-dimensional figure puppets in stage settings. The shadow play figures are collectively known as nang while the figure puppets are known as hun . Shadow puppetry is the older art form. There are two groups: Nang Yai (large shadow puppets) and Nang Talung (jointed shadow puppets). The nang yai is considered a classical art form, an originator of the khon classical masked dance. The puppet figure is quite large, sometimes standing 2 meters tall. It is made of leather, pierced with a figurative and decorative pattern to depict a particular scene in the story. Light bamboo rods are attached to the figure so that the puppeteer can hold it aloft in front of or behind a screen. The puppeteer actually dances with the puppet to musical accompaniment. The story is told with a singing and recitative voice and ever changing puppet figures. The flickering light from a live bonfire, using smoke-free dried coconut shells as fuel, helps to bring the puppet to life. Some figures are brightly colored for day time or half-light use. The two kinds of nang talung puppets are being performed on the traditional Thai stage. The hun krabok, half-figure puppet, and the hun lakorn lek, full-figure puppet. Other kinds known as hun luang and hun lakorn exist as beautiful museum pieces, but are no longer used. hun krabok may be loosely translated as "pole puppet". The name derives from the use of a short length of pole or pipe, traditionally bamboo but now replaced with other materials, as the puppet's main frame. Only the top half, head and headgear of the puppet is shown. Each hand is connected to thin rods for manipulation. The puppet stage has an ornate backdrop, always flanked by doors through which the puppets make their entrances and exits.

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