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The British East India Company

            The British East India Company: Imperialists of India.
             Throughout history it always seems that the leader of a country, company, or group always seems to want to expand and control other countries, companies and groups. There are many pluses and minuses to what could be called a "power-craze-. First most countries or people do not enjoy being controlled by others that cause them to change or do things that they are not accustomed to. Second not only do people have to control themselves and keep order but they also have to regulate and control the actions of the people that they are trying to keep dominated under their rule. On the other hand, when in control, the results explain the means. The leader, on the plus side and sometimes the bottom side, gains many things for his country or group such as more people under him and working for him, more accessible trade and therefore have more influence in the world. In the end though the minuses override the pluses and all the work that is put into trying to control is lost. Sometimes there are exceptions. The British East India Company is a fine example of these exceptions. It could be said that Britain and the company were partners in the control and governing of India, but it was the company that started everything. The British East India Company imperialized India politically and economically, setting the stage for British India, and allowing the company to be the most powerful economic force that had ever been created.
             The British East India Company started of as a simple trading company in London. The original founders were 218 knights and merchants of London. The company received their charter from Queen Elizabeth 1st on December 31st in 1600. Queen Elizabeth's charter to the company gave them 15 years of spice trading in India with a capitol of £ 70,000. The company's ships first arrived in India at the port of Surat in 1608.

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