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The Crucible

            In the early 1950's there was an outcry of communism in the United States known as the McCarthy Era. Senator Joseph McCarthy claimed that there was a communist conspiracy with the federal government and accused people of being communists. The idea of accusing people of being communists spread and many people were imprisoned, lost their jobs, and even their lives. During the same time, Arthur Miller wrote a play "THE CRUCIBLE" which parallels the Salem witch trials to the McCarthy communist hearings. The theme of the book is that in order for humanity to prosper and survive personal integrity must be maintained. The people of Salem believed that they are the "chosen people" so when things go wrong it is easiest for them to accuse the antichrist. Reverend John Hale who is a specialist on the topic of witches is called to Salem to rid them of Lucifer. Throughout the book Hale changed from a man who valued truth and righteousness to a man who believes that all life has intrinsic value.
             When Hale's expertise was called on at the beginning of the play to get to the bottom of the peoples unrest, his main goal was to seek the truth. Hale being called to Salem was "A beloved errand for him"(32). Hale realized he was the only one nearby with the special knowledge, and being the only one with the knowledge gave him power, and he likes power. He had the power to make people hang on to his every word. His knowledge made it hard for people to question him. Hale's confidence in his expertise helped calm the town, "Have no fear now. I mean to crush him utterly" (39). Hale has no doubt that he will be able to deal with the Lucifer crisis. He confidently plans to find Lucifer and put an end to him as well. Hale assertively questions Tituba asking if " When the devil comes does he ever come with another person?" (45). Without Tituba even bringing anyone into the accusation Rev. Hale is positive there are others.

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