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The Celestine Prophecy

            The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield is built around nine insights, which are.
             James Redfield's adventure takes place in the form of one man's quest to learn.
             the nine insights which will ultimately lead him to a better life. The book however lacks.
             the guidance for one to achieve these insights to a better world. An insight is defined as.
             "The capacity to discern the true nature of a situation; penetration. An elucidating.
             glimpse." Perhaps our nature as human beings simply does not allow us to fully.
             comprehend the spiritual world, forcing us to turn to simple "interpretations" we know as.
             mass religion.
             The first four insights of the book are all simply explaining what happens to us a.
             we begin our journey. It states how things have changed and how they may continue to.
             change. The first insight declares that "We begin to realize that some underlying process is.
             operating our lives." Since the beginning of time man has contemplated that question.
             never coming to one solid conclusion. The question is what, or who is the underlying.
             process. This book gives an answer that can fit into almost anyones beliefs.
             By saying that energy is the source of and solution to all conflicts the book is.
             vague enough to add to anyones beliefs. Energy is not something we can see, hear, or.
             touch, thus leaving it open to be interpreted in many ways. The "greater source of endless.
             energy" described in the forth insight could easily be seen as God, Allah, Buddha, or the.
             Universal Energy. So the age-old question of who supplies the energy is left unanswered,.
             forcing people to turn to the guidance of one of the above. .
             When someone is looking for their higher power, it is easier for the human mind to.
             comprehend the existence of the force if it is given a name and portrayed as an actual.
             being rather than a spirit. It is easier to identify with an individual than a feeling. Again left.
             without instructions to realize this energy, humans turn to a mass religion that has.

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