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The Real Deal Out In The Field

             Being that this will be a very opinionated paper I concluded that I should begin this piece with an opinion. According to myself, there is no such thing as a just war. War is war no matter how much you try to justify it. You can't escape the fact that with war comes loss of life. This brings up the idea of "who are we to eliminate someone's life." No man should have such responsibility. Naturally those that cause war or instigate war are those that will not be fighting in the trenches. To say that George W. Bush has total and complete passion for every man fighting this "new type of war" is nothing but ignorance at its finest. .
             A day after the horrible attacks on the World Trade Center the pope released a statement to the press. In this statement he said, "Let us beg the lord that the spiral of hatred and violence will not prevail (sept. 12)" then later on the catholic church serves and ordinance allowing the use of a "just war". How could it be that after the popes praises for peace the same church virtual gives its ok for a war. This is extremely contradiciary. The only conclusion one can derive from such an act is that the pope used his speech as a political ploy to downsize the visual size of involvement that the church has in all of this.
             With this said we now look at our own government for which I have nothing but disgust. If you were to watch a baseball game, they now make it mandatory (not written in stone but very highly "pushed") that during the seventh inning stretch a guest will appear and sing God Bless America. To me this is a cheap ploy at instigating patriotism and forcing it upon the American people that what we are doing is right and if you don't agree with out actions then you"re not a true American. What kind of a "kind and caring" government is this? I am a true American. I also recognize BS when I see it. .
             If you have been alive for the past 2-3 weeks you will realize you are hearing a lot about an anthrax scare.

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