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The Liberation Of Laws Upon Marijuana

            The Liberation of Laws upon Marijuana.
             Marijuana has been used as a medicine for thousands of years; recently it has become a recreational drug to many. Marijuana has been outlawed in the US for some time now and many have struggled to have these laws reformed, to little consequence. People all over this country have argued over the safety and effects the drug would have on society. Within this essay is an argument in favor of the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana should be legalized.
             There are many arguments made against the liberation of laws upon marijuana and one of the more popular would be the health risk. These arguments usually take place with someone who does not know the facts firsthand and there for exaggerate a little. It has been said that one marijuana cigarette (Joint) which is 0.4 grams -half the weight of a cigarette, which is equal from 16 cigarettes a to a pack of cigarettes (20 cigarettes) in its damaging properties when smoked. It has been scientifically proven that a single joint is equal to about 2 cigarettes a major improvement upon a pack. Still this argument is a very powerful one, so to debate this reasoning some numbers will have to be shown. Revenues from the liberation of laws upon marijuana would have a considerable effect upon our economy; legalizing marijuana would give the American people access to at least 14.2 billion dollars and up to 26.7 billion dollars. These savings are from Excise taxes ($2.2 - $6.4 billion),!.
             Sales taxes ($0.2 - $1.3 billion), enforcement savings ($6 - $9 billion), and the hemp industry ($6 - $10 billion). This Economic stimulus would be highly beneficial to this country, not to mention legalization would create about 60,000 retailers and about 100,000 jobs.
             Another major argument is about the effect marijuana has on the user's brain, according to many people "pot kills brain cells" but according to government experts it does not.

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